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Big Dicks Latina Chicks


BIG DICKS LATINA CHICKS - "Vivianna and Lorena love black cock so bad, they did this scene just for the fun of it! Hell, they probably wouldve paid me! I wanted to bring these girls back to the USA, but immigration told me they had to stay. Oh well, I got plenty more where these came from! Enjoy the free video trailer below! You're going to love it!"

"Two more hot latina lovedolls to spice up your day! These two girls were so hungry for the cock they were fighing over it like a couple of wild chihuahuas on a tube steak! No worries though, there's about 13" to share so plenty to go around. You're not going to want to miss out on this one! Enjoy the free video trailer!"

Big Dicks Latina Chicks
Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks

MR BIG DICKS HOT CHICKS - "With a little bullshit I convinced her to come back to the studio and told her we were filming a huge movie. Soon she found out it wasn't a movie but full on porn! She was all for it by the way she took my load of cream all over her face! "

"I found this one off to the side of the road looking at directions. With some simple bullshit I convinced her to come back to the studio and told her we were filming a love scene. Soon she found out it wasn't a love scen but full on porn! "

Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks
Monsters Of Cock
MONSTERS OF COCK - "Just who the fuck are these guys? They are hung beyond normalcy... with cocks so big they can only be described as MONSTERISH". Adventures of big cock guys.
Big Black Pimp BIG BLACK PIMP - "Who is the Big Black Pimp? Born and brought up in Africa, he was here just for white women. We flew him around the world to find innocent looking models that have never fucked black men before!" Big Black Pimp does it all! Africa Cock
Gag On My Cock GAG ON MY COCK - "She claimed to be the reining cock sucking queen of North Carolina, how do you think we took that? Obviously we had to put it to the test so we told her to get on her fucking knees and open wide." They fuck them in the face till they cry!
Big Cock Addiction BIG COCK ADDICTION - "Julie is the kind of slut you want when your dying to fuck. She sure gets into what shes doing and it shows. Dont miss this girl as she sucks and fucks her way to the big scene." Ramon's shocks these girls in to addiction!
Giants Black Meat White Treat GIANTS BLACK MEAT WHITE TREAT - "We were out cruising looking for some 'white treats' when we came across Nichole walking down the street. After seeing how hot she was and a little talking into she was down for a good time." Big cocks running white pussy

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